The Glossary

There will be words within Rudo Can’t Fail that we’re expecting standard lucha libre fans will know and understand but what if you’re just learning about lucha for the first time? Well, we’ve decided to create this glossary of terms and phrases you will read in Rudo Can’t Fail.

  • AAA: Asistencia Asesoría y Administración
  • CMLL: Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
  • Atómicos: a 4 luchador team.
  • Cabellera: Means Hair.
  • Campeón; Means champion.
  • Campeonato: Means Championship.
  • Luchador: This means wrestler.
  • Rudo: The heel or villain.
  • Tecnico: The face or the fan favourite, hero.

We hope these will help new lucha libre fans and readers, and if there’s any other words you don’t understand, just tweet it to the @RudoCantFail Twitter account!