Matt Farmer – Los Misioneros Playlist

So, you’ve read Matt Farmer’s Los Misioneros de la Muerte article inside Rudo Can’t Fail #1 and now you want to see them for youself? Okay, Matt planned for this! Here’s a set of matches, moments, etc. featuring Los Misioneros in action, as curated by Matt himself.
– The famous El Santo retirement ceremony on September 12, 1982 including his final match where El Santo & Gori Guerrero & Huracan Ramirez & El Solitario wrestling Perro Aguayo & Los Misioneros de la Muerte. This is actually an amazing one hour special on Santo including all the pomp that went along with his retirement. And the quality is excellent in front of a massive sold out El Toreo!

– Here is a handheld from December 1983 (I believe it’s December 18th) from El Toreo with Los Misioneros de la Muerte facing off with El Canek & Scorpio & Babe Face. The quality is not good but you can see some of the awesome bumps these guys took!
– The next one is from EMLL’s 53rd Anniversary show on September 19, 1986. Ringo Mendoza & Tony Salazar and Americo Rocca take on Los Misioneros de la Muerte in a triple hair match! This is presented by Japanese television show and unfortunately does not include the haircuts!
– This match took place on October 21, 1988 from Arena Neza. Los Misioneros de la Muerte face off with Los Villanos.

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