July 21, 2016 – San Diego, CA

Inspired by lucha libre magazines and punk rock zines of the past, in November of 2015, Masked Republic launched Rudo Can’t Fail: Lucha Libre & Lucha Culture Worldwide. The world’s only English language, monthly lucha libre publication, RCF has received critical acclaim from lucha libre fans, promoters, writers and luchadores themselves for its mix of long established writers and historians, along with a healthy freshman class of “new voices in lucha journalism.” Inside the pages of the zine, readers not only get their monthly dose of results, photos, news and interviews from lucha promotions and events across the globe, but articles and features on “lucha culture” from lucha libre films and lucha-inspired artists to lucha-themed restaurants and beyond.

The 40-page monthly publication has been shipping monthly in Lucha Loot crates ( or to those who subscribe at and has been available at live events from U.S. promotions Lucha VaVOOM, UIPW, Santino Bros Wrestling Academy, Finest City Wrestling, Mucha Lucha ATL and WUW, Canada’s Lucha Toronto and the U.K.’s Lucha Britannia.

“When we launched the zine, we wanted to create something that was a throwback to the good old days of being able to go to a wrestling event and pick up a program or magazine, feel the pages, flip through it, get autographs on it, and write notes in it,” said Rudo Can’t Fail Co-Founder and Publisher Kevin Kleinrock. “In addition to the great response we have received from our partner promotions who distribute RCF at their events, the zine has become a monthly favorite for Lucha Loot subscribers and every single copy of the first six issues we printed has sold out at Despite that, we knew that there were still so many lucha libre fans across the globe who did not have easy access to pick up a copy. Adding to that is the incredibly talented and hard-working staff of the zine and we knew we had to try to find a way to get their tremendous stories and photos into the hands of every fan around the globe who wanted it. With that in mind, we are proud to announce that as of today, Rudo Can’t Fail has gone digital!”

Paper lovers, don’t panic! Masked Republic will continue to publish the limited run collector’s print versions monthly. But now anyone, anywhere, with internet access (government allowing) will be able to get Rudo Can’t Fail monthly on their computer, iOS or Android device via and the Rudo Can’t Fail apps available now.

“We are extremely proud to be teaming with Magzter, the world’s premiere digital magazine platform,” RCF Co-Founder and Publisher Ruben Zamora said. “Having our publication alongside Sports Illustrated, Time, Maxim and other top selling titles makes us confident that our readers’ digital experience will be absolutely top notch.”

Starting today, monthly subscriptions to Rudo Can’t Fail, individual back issues, and a specially priced bundle of back issues #1-6 are available both at and through the Rudo Can’t Fail app in the iTunes and Android stores.

Digital issues of the zine are enhanced with in-story links taking readers diectly to referenced materials or social media sites. Love the zine’s monthly “What You Should Watch On YouTube” column? No need to head to for that month’s playlist, now a direct link in the article will take you to the video. Want to know more about the lucha libre promotion you’re reading about? Click their name at the top of the column and instantly be taken to their website or Facebook page.

“And, as a special bonus for our loyal paper copy subscribers, we are giving free digital subscriptions to anyone who has subscribed to the zine at previously,” Zamora continued. “We are excited to be entering the next phase of Rudo Can’t Fail, and there is still more to come.”

Rudo Can’t Fail is committed to delivering the best experience to our readers. With a digital platform operating alongside our print edition, we invite all, both die-hard lucha libre fans and those new to the world of lucha libre, to join us on this exciting new venture.


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